The fps stealth horror experience.


Undersight is a game based on your capacity of thinking, but also on your skill at aiming. The objective is simple, take a life before yours gets taken.

An avarage match would exist of you spawning together with your enemies. At first you are always in a stealth position. There are multiple standard positions which you can spawn in. You also start with a gun on top of that possibly a pistol and a melee weapon.

But, you can’t just run about and shooting. The game punishes you for bad moves, like mentioned earlier. The game is about stealth, so if you stay stealth it’s rewarding. The reason why is because there’s an AI driven creature lurking around the map every match. each map will start with having just one creature that spawns, we’re concidering to add additional creatures per map based on the map it’s lore.

The creature is very dangerous and can instantly kill you. But if you stay in stealth the chance of being noticed is very small.

We are still in early acces, with a closed alpha. We hope to bring the game to the open public in late 2017 or mid 2018.usight

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